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Inspired by Sitia human mood, Nuki is the new Sitia seat: a tiny chair with minimal and two-dimensional features, with back and seat rounded by a recognizable graphic mark. Thanks to its versatility and to its neat and informal profile, Nuki can be easily placed in any environment: in a corner of the house dedicated to home working, or around the home table, in a bistro, office or lounge. The chair is equipped with a practical “dot”: a small hook, incorporated in the backrest, designed to hang your bag or jacket. This armchair is the very essence of customization: it is indeed possible to play with both the upholstery materials and the finishes of the structure, to make it stand out in an environment with a touch of character or camouflage it to perfection.

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    MM Company

    MM Company is a creative consultancy agency focused on product design & brand consulting, founded by Mr. Manuel Barbieri and Mr. Marco Magalini. MM researches, evaluates and interprets the customer’s strategic positioning and, based on the established objectives, develops creative approaches to align design and marketing strategy. MM is not a common design studio, but a open-vision laboratory of ideas and creativity. The concept of art refers to the unconscious, to free and pure expression of ideas where the brakes are applied less. Creativity is rather something that is focused; the operational boundaries stimulate action, which makes us rational interpreters. At MM we start from the research of essentiality, which is followed by the purely creative phase, in which the effort is directed towards broadening the spectrum of action, pushing into new, unexplored frontiers, then readapting those to the framework of the company. Behind a creative project, or a product design, there is in-depth research: the client, the dealer, shipping, packaging. A kaleidoscopic analysis that goes beyond the simply beautiful. In MM the approach is digital. This isn’t alienation from reality, but rather amplification of opportunity to grow thanks to human interactions. For us this means sensitivity and passion, two values that digital won’t be able to supplant. The digital approach is also variety of stimuli, diversification. At MM we look at many different fields with curiosity – fashion, design, food, sports, music & entertainment; however, we apply a unique working method that allows us to operate with creative and strategic coherence. “The taste of MM isn’t so much one for an aesthetic product, but rather linked to the culture of the product itself. We like things because, in reality, we value how they’ve been made, hands and minds made them”.