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– Sitia is open for summer: join us for a drink

Easy and fast to make: a part of “mezzoemezzo” Nardini liquor, a part of soda and lemon zest: those are all the ingredients to make the best “mezzoemezzo” drink ever, but nothing will replace our secret recipe. For this reasons our company will be open, come and join us for a fresh drink together, or to […]

– A new special antibacterial fabric for your Sitia furniture

Spradling fabrics Starting from today our products are available also in Spradling coated fabrics, which are in its majority protected by Permablok3 or Permaguard, two of the most effective defence systems against germs, stains and abrasion. – Why to choose Spradling fabrics? Coated Fabrics can be manufactured to provide a barrier to stains, provide antibacterial protection, […]

– Our production is 100% made in Italy and deliveries are guaranteed

Sitia Superheroes: our Sitia’s “S” has slight differences with this, but since 2002 we are doing any heroic effort to keep our production 100% in Italy. Most of our production is made inside the company’s laboratory located in Vicenza (Italy), or using suppliers belonging to the short and local production chain. Due to this reason, […]


Can you imagine to live in a 100% plastic-free world? It’s not going to be easy, but in Sitia we’re working hard on it. #SitiaPlasticFree Most of Sitia products are 100% plastic-free Strongly linked to the territory, Sitia has always been committed to safeguarding it. The brand adopts a sustainable approach, from several points of […]

Sitia is OPEN for Winter Holidays

― Sitia is OPEN for Winter Holidays. Join us for a slice of traditional Panettone cake, to order a warm Pergy armchair in velvet red, or to ask tips on how to spend time around Veneto. Whatever the reason for your visit is, we are there for you! Sitia will be open the FULL MONTH […]

Join us for a gelato

Sitia is OPEN FOR SUMMER: join us for a gelato The sun shines in Italy and we can’t imagine your summer without at least one of our products. For this reason our company will be open, please join us for having a gelato together, or to make an order. For both of them, we’re here […]

Sitia awards designer Abigail Chang, winner of the “Sitia Singapore Design Competition 2019”

Sitia and d’Doubles explore the frontiers of “The human contract”, through a design competition open to Singaporean designers interpreting new ways of experiencing contract spaces. A harmonious dialogue between work environments, with technical and functional needs, and a relaxed and private atmosphere typical of a domestic setting. Milan, May 24th 2019 – Sitia together with […]