– A new special antibacterial fabric for your Sitia furniture

Spradling fabrics

Starting from today our products are available also in Spradling coated fabrics, which are in its majority protected by Permablok3 or Permaguard, two of the most effective defence systems against germs, stains and abrasion.

– Why to choose Spradling fabrics?

Coated Fabrics can be manufactured to provide a barrier to stains, provide antibacterial protection, and resist mold and mildew build-up.

Coated Fabrics can be manufactured to be weather-resistant, so they are appropriate for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Coated Fabrics are versatile enough to simulate the look of leather or fabric, or to create an entirely new and innovative look.

It’s not hard to keep Coated Fabrics looking like new, even after years of use – coated fabrics and film can beeasily cleaned with soap and water.

Coated Fabrics, as a material, have inherent fire-resistant properties, promoting consumer safety and helping manufacturers meet regulations.