– Your appointment is Human SITIA

Sitia puts its customers first. For this reason, we decided to give you the opportunity to book 1to1 appointments to ensure you a unique experience in total safety with the Sitia’s world.

By booking your 1to1 appointmenet, you will have the opportunity to visit our showroom together with our CEO, who will present you all the products closely, answer to all your questions and show you all the production stages of the products. If you are unable to reach us, you have the possibility to arrange your appointment online, through a video call. Again, the way of working, will be the same: it will be a live, private and personalized appointment, that will answer to all your requirements.

A unique and advantageous opportunity to know and stay update on the #human world signed Sitia.

“Quality is meeting and exceeding the customer’s needs and expectations and then continuing to improve”. William Edwards Deming