– Sitia, the perfect partner to meet any out-of-the-ordinary request.

No matter whether it is a custom product, on demand or a dedicated project, Sitia is the perfect partner to meet your every request. Thanks to the company’s in-house production laboratory and a network of highly loyal and specialised partners, we can manufacture any furnishing product.

Generally it is a question of adapting a product from the catalogue to your needs, choosing from a wide range of finishes, fabrics and colours, or modifying the measurements. One example is the ‘Love’ chair, which was used in the creation of relaxing areas in two workspaces in Holland with different shapes, colours and finishes.

In other cases, however, we are called upon to create tailor-made products for a specific project, designing from scratch or developing unique, one-off pieces for you. An example of this is the Eclipse Wire chair that was made on request for a restaurant in Vicenza. It is a stackable table seat with a gold metal frame and padding. Another example is the custom-made chair we made for an auditorium in Vicenza, with hidden and removable anchorage.

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