Japan chair

Japan chair is a graphic seat designed by Pergentino Battocchio, perfect in the summer season to furnish indoor and outdoor spaces.

Its light and enveloping shape, the backrest composed by 19 spokes, welcomes you in the peace and warmth of a sunrise.

The country symbol of the culture of respect brings us back to the strictness that the manufacturing of this chair requires:

20 meters of steel rod bent 40 times, creating different radius each time.

About 1 hour of production to make 80 weld joints makes it a static as well as aesthetic exercise.

The craftsmanship, the versatility of knowledge, the love for challenges are the essence and soul of the Japan.

Japan chair is available in several colours and can also be provided with removable seatpad.

Technical information:


w 595 x d 600 x h 820 mm | s h 440 mm

w 23.42″ x d 23.62″ x h 32.30″ | s h 17.32″